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Gary "Chris" Christopherson

Thrive!® - All Thrive Forever®     

All Thrive Forever®

Thrive! - All Thrive Forever is boldest of visions for our future - a future we all want, need and can achieve.

When all thrive, you thrive! Family/friends thrive! Community and Country thrive! World thrives!

Join with Thrive! Endeavor® and together build a thriving and surviving future for all forever. Contact Thrive!

Start with who and what you care about. Start building a better, thriving future for you and your family/friends, community, country and world.

"All Thrive Forever" is Bold

Thriving Future Is Achievable!

 "All Thrive Forever" is a bold and different vision for our and our world's future.

 "All" is a future when all of us together build a surviving and thriving future. A future for all of us, no one left behind. A thriving future for you, your family, your community, your country and our world.

 "Thrive" is future when we meet our need to survive and our desire to thrive.

 "Forever" is a future that goes beyond the next decade and century. A 50+ generations future.

 "All Thrive Forever" is the future we can achieve if all of us commit to it. Thrive! Endeavor®, all of us together, is the vast, sustained human endeavor to achieve a future when all thrive forever.

We are at tipping point when our future is most endangered and we are most capable in history.

There is hope. Thrive! Endeavor®, all of us together, can build a thriving future.       

The time has come to be very bold. Thrive!® is a future where all thrive forever.

"Children Thrive Forever!"

  "Children Thrive Forever" is boldest of visions for you, all children and all people. Children, it is your future, the one we all want and need. It is your future, one we together can achieve. When all children thrive, family thrives! Community and Country thrive! World thrives!

Thrive! - People’s Guide To A Thriving Future helps you, family/friends, community, country and world thrive. @ Free download

Thrive! - Building a Thriving Future is "manual for positive change". @ Free download

"A People’s Constitution” - Thriving Future for All Forever

As many of us have done for our country, we as people should embrace and live by "A People’s Constitution":

"We the people commit to a thriving future for all forever.” 

Gary "Chris" Christopherson       Chris       Gary Christopherson       Gary A. Christopherson 

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